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Fact №1
The largest pearl in the world reaches 6 kilograms in weight.
Fact №2
US law allowed children to be sent by mail until 1913.
Fact №3
In the language of the ancient Greeks, there was no word for religion.
Fact №4
There is a period of time in modern history when Apple had more funds in its accounts than the American government.
Fact №5 An average cloud weighs about 500 tons, 80 elephants weigh the same.

There will be no news here, cause I'm too lazy to write it:)

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Malby - a girl of medium height, with thin, somewhat feline eyes with thick upper eyelashes, somewhat longer and more pronounced, sticking out on the sides, yellow irises. Hair straight and reaching to the waist, usually in a ponytail with two strands framing the face, hair color is pale gray.


Malby can develop telekinesis ability up to 100 percent after drinking tea. The better the tea she drinks, the more the ability increases.

Additional facts:

So, Malby, that is me, sometimes refers to myself in the third person. She is a member of an organization that claims that the Earth is flat. Sometimes talks to the wall and loves tea!

Malby lives on some planet in the Milky Way galaxy

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